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  • Composition Shingle Roof

    Composition Shingle Roof

    This is the most commonly used in roof Southern California. The price and durability are hard to match.

  • Eagle-Lite


    When your home was originally designed for a lesser weight composition shingle, but you prefer a tile type look - use Eaglelite and ask about the Easy Pay Plan.

  • Tile Roof

    Tile Roof

    Another common choice in newer homes is the tile roof. It has many thermal benefits as well.

  • High Roof

    Red Tile Roof

    Red clay tile is still a popular choice for that just right look on some homes.

  • Building

    Flat Roof Designs

    Commercial and residential flat roof designs need an expert with the right experience. We have over 40 years of the right experience in flat roof designs.

  • Multi-Colored Tile

    Multi-Colored Tile

    The look says it all on the right home.

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